How to Maintain Leather Furniture?

How to Maintain Leather Furniture?

Nothing beats the beauty of perfectly crafted leather furniture in your home or office, and we should say that investing in good leather furniture is worthwhile. However, buying a piece of good furniture made of leather without knowing how to maintain it will make your investment worthless. We list some simple but effective tips below to care your leather furniture pieces.

Always Maintain A Cleaning Routine
The first step is always the most important one, and that is maintaining a cleaning routine. If you clean the leather regularly, it will not fade or develop cracks. Dusting and vacuuming your furniture as often as possible will prolong its lifespan. We recommend you draw up a cleaning routine and stick to it.

Follow Instructions
When cleaning your furniture, make sure you follow instructions. By instructions, we mean the tips provided by the furniture maker and the manufacturer of your cleaning agent. When you carefully read the instructions, you will know the materials you should and should not use for your furniture.

Dust Before Cleaning
When cleaning your leather furniture, avoid cleaning it immediately with any liquid cleaner before dusting. The proper way to clean it is to dust it first to remove dust. A microfiber cloth works well for removing dust from the leather surface. If you don’t have microfiber, use a damp cloth instead. Regular dusting will ensure the leather looks elegant and bright on the surface.

Use The Right Cleaners
Still, on how to maintain leather furniture, we advise you to be mindful of the type of cleaners you use. Some cleaners, like cheap oil soap or detergent, may appear harmless, but many will leave stains behind or darken the leather after it dries. We recommend special leather cleaners or any material recommended by the furniture maker.

Do Not Place Under Direct Sunlight
Many people do not know that sunlight weakens leather, so they make the mistake of placing theirs under sun glares. The sun’s UV rays cause the leather to crack because it will become dry. It is also impossible to place your furniture too close to radiators or air conditioners, and keeping it in rooms with normal room temperature is the best.

Clean Spills Quickly
If you notice spills like grease or oil on your classic executive chair or recliner, do well to clean them off quickly. Talcum powder or baking soda is best for the job because they absorb the oil or grease, so you can easily remove it. Better still, go for effective leather cleaners if you must.

Use Leather Protector
Last but not least is to use a leather protector after purchasing your leather furniture. With a protector, your furniture will remain dust-free; even if they become coated by dust, you can always wipe the dust with a damp cloth.

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